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I never write reviews and here I registered only to write this one. I present here my email that I wrote to One Travel as well as my little "research" on their part.

I booked a ticket, got charged for it. Cancelled the ticket 8 min after booking, since the whole reservation seemed very strange, got unauthorisedly charged for cancellation 150 US Dollars, needless to say the website does not inform you on the fee, neither it is refundable. The website carefully omits all the information on cancellation fees EVEN IF YOU READ ALL THE FINE PRINT. Those guys are really true masters of fraud!

Nowhere, not while booking, not while reading terms and conditions and not while cancelling the fee is mentioned. There is only one place where it is actually mentioned, and yet, even there its a blatant lie. To find this "mention" you have to go to the very bottom of the site to Quick Links, under which you will find "ticketing fees". And here is the most beautiful "catch" it says "AGENT ASSISTED CANCELLATION" and states its fees.

But guess what? Even if you have not used any agent, you will be charged the same amount!!! Lets start with some details. First and foremost, forget getting in touch with anyone from the company.

One Travel and Cheap O Air apparently work hand in hand and get managed on one level. I lost hours trying to get to someone on the phone, being transfered from rep to rep and waiting forever. When you do get finally to a "supervisor" they can't decide anything, and I am not even mentioning the level of rudeness and unprofessionalism. Sharing with you the list of their precious contact numbers provided by a representative of an online chat on One Travel Website: 001 646 237 6808 (personal answering machine of someone) +1 212-478-0336 owners of credit cards that got a refusal on the card +1 212-478-0335 the number is suppose to be dialed from Europe and is (what a surprise) inexistent +1-845-848-0222 the number is of Cheap-o-Air reps (surprise, surprise) 1 8004254567 with options one more useless then another 5-useless agents 6-useless agents 7 still useless agents but can FINALLY transfer to the supervisor Supervisors and agents have one thing in common, they speak extremely poor English, they basically dont speak it at all, and you can barely make sense of what they say, and of course they cant make a refund.

Haha Here is my email to the company. In conclusion: I have gone to the police, made a full fraud report, and now my bank will have to restitute me the money. I suggest noone to use both website, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the company, its managers and its owners will experience a severe bankruptcy and unprecedented criminal charges! Cheers:) KEEP SMILING IT WILL PASS, AND ITS AN EXPERIENCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To whom it may concern: Today I experienced completely unacceptable experience with your website and services.

While booking a flight with you Booking # 42848478, my card gets charged for the amount of 665,62 Euros which equals to 749,42 Us Dollars. Immediately afterwards I cancel my reservation. My cancellation happened 8min after the actual booking, I am sure it can all be traced by your website. While trying to cancel I got charged WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR ANY SORT OF AUTHORISATION OR AGREEMENT 133 Euros and 23 Cents which equals to 150 US Dollars.

Charging someone card without a notification and prior authorisation of the owner is ILLEGAL. The level of unprofessionalism and fraud of One Travel is impressive. First of all while making a reservation and navigating your site the customer (I in this case) saw the following: 24 hours Cancellation. Inline image 2 (Couldn't load the image) When you click on it the bar opens up: Inline image 3 (Couldn't load the image) Just in this at the very beginning there is an act of FRAUD - intentional concealment, omission, or perversion of truth, to gain unlawful advantage.

Where is the mentioning of the charge of 150$ as a cancellation fee? There is not any! Inline image 4 (Couldn't load the image) Those are One Travel terms and conditions on Cancel and Refund. Is there any mention of cancellation charges?

No, not here either! To top it of the website clearly purposefully omits that the cancellation is NOT FOR FREE (AS IT INTENDS TO COMMUNICATE) BUT FOR A PAYMENT. Inline image 5 (Couldn't load the image) Here there is some more of a fine print but even here no mentioning of the sum of 150$. Finally there is this box: Inline image 6 (Couldn't load the image) Which talks about "Agent Assisted Cancellation" obviously the website gives no explanation of what it means, and a customer is carefully tricked here again.

And yet, bingo, here there are the prices finally and 75$ per ticket comes down to 150. But this table is again pure fraud. It is false advertisement that is intentionally deceiving. However the company is fully aware of this, so I am not going to waist more of my energy writing this email.

Its enough to read your reviews practically on any platform to understand the low standard of service and the level of dishonesty with which you treat your customers. Please spare me any apologetic emails from you customer service with :"we are so very sorry messages" I am not interested in them. I am interested in: I) Full restitution of the ticket fee, the sum of: 749,42 Us Dollars AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 2) Full restitution of UNAUTHORISED cancellation fee, sum of: 150 US Dollars Since I was making a reservation from Italy I would like to inform you that I am starting a case against your practices and against One Travel company in the court with my lawyer. I am also reporting credit card charges first to Police, and then with a written police report to my Bank - Unicredit.

I surely hope the bank will insert One Travel in the black list, this way cutting out any possibility of you charging Unicredit customers in the future in Italy.

I am waiting for you response on the timing of charges restitution, Y.A. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Product or Service Mentioned: Onetravel Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fraud lies dishonesty.

  • Omission Fraud Lies
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Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States #1337863

Okay so I was booking a flight, decided to review some issues, found your complaint about not letting you know about the cancel fees, hidden, blah blah blah, well I got worried, but guess what I found, it's right on the payment page in black and white and I didn't have to search through t&c it's right there on top of the book my mom would say "if it was a snake, it would of bitten you" so goes without saying, can't trust people on these sites....I booked my flight, and it went smoothly

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