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Like every review I have read, my experience was unsavory. I was booking travel to assist my sister following an amputation surgery.

When I hung up the phone, I was pleased. My first impression was that my agent was helpful, the rate I received seemed fare for the requests I made... Until I looked at my email and bank account the following morning. It was then that I realized that I was charged twice and I had two separate reservation numbers.

Thinking it was nothing more than an honest mistake, I called One Travel on my drive to work and spoke with Mickey who also seemed to resolve my issue and concern, cancelling the duplicate reservation and processing for a refund. I was pleased enough with this interaction that I inquired about the availability of an earlier flight on the date of my departure. Mickey located one and offered it for an additional $45 which I initially declined saying it was not worth $45 to me to leave a few hours earlier. He lowered the offer to $25 and I figured, why not and accepted.

I received my duplicated reservation cancellation confirmation via email and my updated reservation confirmation and figured that I was good to go. I had received these items while driving and had not looked closely at them until later. The following morning, looking more closely at the documents I'd received, I realized that my name was spelled incorrectly on the reservation although it was spelled correctly EVERYWHERE else. Being at work, I sent this information through the on-line customer service contact form.

I received an email response telling me that to resolve the issue, the ticket would have to be cancelled and reissued at an $81 charge to me and that I had to confirm it within 2 hours of receipt of the email. I replied demanding to speak to a rep and decided to call them on my own. I spoke with Arika who put me on hold upon hearing my concerns. When she returned, she was defensive and had begun pointing fingers, placing blame on me that it was somehow my fault to have the issue.

I immediately told her she was too jumpy and I did not appreciate it. She put me on hold again and we were disconnected. She did call me back, however, and told me that she spoke to 2 different people at American and that there would be no problem with my name being misspelled on my ticket, and that I may just be subject to additional screening through TSA. As you can see from the screenshots of the attached e-mails, that seems to contradict the actual facts.

This morning, I checked my bank account again. (I do this out of normal habit at least once per day) I noticed a THIRD charge. Attempts to reach One Travel have not been successful so I have initiated charge disputes with my bank while I continue to waste my time chasing these idiots and filing out paperwork to get my own money back.

This is the first and last time that I ever look outside of Travelocity or the airline directly for airfare and travel arrangements.

MrsClark4Ever13 wrote the review because of "customer service, payment and order processing issues" at OneTravel and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $800 and wants OneTravel to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was trickery and price fraud. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1137597

Between this review, a complaint through the BBB and a post on their Facebook page, I was contacted by several individuals at One Travel. The first 2 personal telephone interactions were more of the same arrogance, ignorance and disrespect.

Finally I was contacted by Georgia, who was compassionate to the frustrations that I had and very accommodating to correct them to my satisfaction. She provided regular follow up until everything was completely ironed out, something that I did greatly appreciate. While I'm still not so sure that I'd use their services again, finally getting in contact with and assistance from someone with mutual expectations of respect and service turned the outcome around this time.

Other readers, be aware, I was informed during this process, that changes and adjustments to existing reservations will generate new reservations and charges with the former to be refunded.

It was not explained at the time of my original booking and is not a practice that I agree with at all, but it did explain the multiple transactions.

Be aware of this so not to overextend your financial resources in planning. I will be inquiring about this any time I book travel from this point forward.

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